10 Apr: Youtube to small creators: No money for you

There are almost as many user paths to conversion as there are customers in your city, and your long-term goal is to become the authority in your industry and geography that consumers and search engines turn to. Google’s widely publicized concept of micro-moments has been questioned by some local SEOs for its possible oversimplification of consumer behavior. Nevertheless, I think it serves as a good, basic model for understanding how a variety of human needs (I want to do, know, buy something, or go somewhere) leads people onto the web.


29 Aug: Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Explained

Google Adwords conversion tracking is vital because it’s the most important collection of information needed for improving your AdWords account. Adwords conversion tracking records how many conversions your site has received in total, the specific keywords that are converting, and the specific ad copy that is converting. When armed with conversion tracking data, you can improve the efficiency of your campaigns, and drive more conversions at a lower cost.