How Any Small Enterprise Can Compete with the Massive Boys Utilising Search engine optimisation and Social Media


I get it. I understand how brutal it can be—trying to market your small business in a world of billion-dollar businesses and multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

You have a limited budget, limited time, limited knowledge, and a limited arsenal of tactics that you can afford to implement.

But the big brands? They can do anything they want, hire as many people as they want, and unleash any tactic they want.

Today’s small businesses are forced to compete in an increasingly saturated marketplace. The competition is fierce, and it has become incredibly difficult to rise above the noise. Combine this with the massive disparity between a small business’s marketing budget and a much larger enterprise’s seemingly infinite resources, and it’s obvious that the cards are stacked against small businesses.

In fact, finding new customers is one of the top concerns of small business owners, and 66% claim this is the biggest issue they face.

How can small businesses tip the scales in their favour and go head to head with mega juggernauts?

When done correctly, these strategies can help any small business compete with the big boys.

It’s part of the glory of digital marketing. Anyone can compete. Anyone can succeed.

Even the little guy. You just have to know how.

Leveling the playing field.
The beautiful thing about these two mediums—SEO and social media—is that they are impartial. They show no favoritism.

Google doesn’t care what business is offering which product. It’s just looking to provide users with the best and most relevant results.

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