Michelle Summers.


Driving Cre8tive Worx from the front, Michelle is a highly respected creative genius with loads of experience and a passion for great design. She’s an esteemed supporter of any Apple product, a self-confessed food channel junkie and a fly by night photographer. Most of the time, she keeps her carefully sculpted fingernails right on the pulse of the latest industry trends, but she’s equally likely to use them to direct a poor piece of design work directly out the building or to dissect the critical points of a brand’s tone of voice. Her philosophy is, “If it’s unexceptional, it’s unacceptable.” Contact Michelle

Tina Perdikis.


Self-motivated team player, Tina uses her excellent work ethic and her sugar addiction to keep the studio ship-shape and in order. She produces breathtaking Photoshop work and is our DTP guru. She believes that preparation is everything and always goes the extra mile. With a sweet face and a foul mouth, she is living proof that dynamite comes in small packages, and she believes that the best way to judge her character is to understand how much she loves animals.

Alma Rossouw.


Aspiring photographer, biltong lover and bibliophile, Alma spends her days crafting the magic that happens in the sweet-spot between creatives and clients. Her ambition is to give life to her customers brands. Her go-to outfit is jeans, there’s always avo in her fridge and Radio Ga Ga is pretty much the soundtrack to her life. She’s secretly the world’s best spy, but she lives under cover as a superhero account executive. There’s usually a glass of wine close-by and her mantra is… “Moenie jou wortels opeet nie!”… Contact Alma

Della Cronin.


Our extremely efficient production director, Della doesn’t do drama and she doesn’t take tears. She believes life should be all about having fun and being positive and energetic – so when she’s not enjoying a glass of wine she’s pounding the road in her running shoes or putting in the miles on her mountain bike. Her friends and colleagues will tell you that she’s super-witty and quick with a clever comeback (and they might also tell you that she’s a bit of a label-slut who’s addicted to shoes and jeans). Della hates to be bored, she tells it like it is and she doesn’t want you to touch her stuff. Her philosophy is, “If you need something done, give it to a busy person!” Contact Della

Sue Huxham.


While number-crunching accounts whizz Sue absolutely hates shopping, she is passionate about theatre, sport, chocolate, and feeding birds. She keeps up-to-date with news and current affairs and enjoys reading autobiographies. Although Sue can be serious when necessary she also has a wicked sense of humour. Her biggest love is numbers (which explains why she loves Microsoft Excel so much…).

Ella van der Walt.


Heavy metal junkie, coffee addict, nature enthusiast, cat lover and proud pixel pusher. Creating experiences that go beyond ideas, Ella’s ambition is to save the world from bad design. She uses style and creativity to express her ideas through composition. An award-winning designer raised & currently living Pretoria. Ella avoids clowns, doesn’t eat raisins and has a strong aversion to balloons. Ella’s blood type is Starbucks (who can’t live without coffee…) and she believes “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”