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Why Your eCommerce Sales Page Design is Sinking Conversion Rates

Does your website have a conversion rate problem? You've invested serious time, money and energy into building the perfect site and driving website traffic. You've fine-tuned your PPC campaigns. Site traffic is up 450% over last year! But your bounce rate is high and conversions are low. So what gives? While the specific problems underlying your low conversion rate can vary, these problems all come back to one central issue: bad website sales page design. Whether you're selling artisan soaps, Hawaiian vacation packages, water filters, or office supplies, the final sale all comes back to one thing: transaction ease. Whether it's a confusing checkout process or slow inventory search, if your website design ends up complicating the sales process, your customers are just a few clicks away from the competition. Don't let that happen! Watch out for these common design mistakes: Mistake 1: Generic templates. The primary benefits of generic templates - their simplicity and affordability - can also be their downfall, cautions Visual Scope Studios. "Many people jump on the chance to set up a WordPress blog, or some variation of a do-it-yourself Web Design template type of site. While templates are easy and affordable, they may be doing more harm than good." Why? You'll end up with a site that looks just like everyone else's. Not only is this an ineffective branding strategy, but most generic templates also lack the advanced customization capabilities you need to optimize the flow of traffic. Problems can include the inability to offer real-time inventory tracking, a lack of live chat customer support, and an inability to cross-sell relevant items Mistake 2: No live chat or easy contact options. Online shopping is all about convenience. Customers need answers now, not in 12 hours or 24 hours. Live chat is an affordable and cost-effective solution for proactive assistance. Plus, since a single customer service rep can manage multiple live chat client needs at once, your customer service will be more efficient and responsive to customer needs. Given these benefits, it is no surprise that Kissmetrics considers live chat's "untapped potential" to be huge for eCommerce sites. Additional...