2016 November


14 Nov: How to Achieve Authenticity in Your Marketing

On my sales calls lately, I’ve been asking people to tally each time I use a buzzword. At the end of the call, I ask for a report, and for every buzzword I said, that’s one less peanut M&M I allow myself to eat.
I started doing this because I was genuinely fed up with all the words and phrases we use every day that make us sound more like robots than actual humans. At some point, it became commonplace to suppress our humanity at work. And when we can break through that (one tallied-and-replaced buzzword at a time), we can restore some of the personality that makes our interactions more authentic.


07 Nov: Here Is Why You Should Be Running Native Ads

There are multiple options when it comes to attracting customers online – promoted social media posts, pay-per-click ads and banner advertising are just a few options to throw your advertising budget at. While these are all very effective, there is another option that you should consider – native advertising.